Mr. Breeze 360 Ro-Tator

A Better Solution For Air Circulation: Mr. Breeze 360 Ro-Tator


A plant evaporates water to cool itself. This water vapor must be removed, otherwise the evaporation process stands still. Using a good extraction system in order to discharge the warm humid air and  stimulating the supply of fresh air is beneficial to plant growth.  360 Degree rotating fans circulate the air inside the growing room and  blows air between the plants. With uniform air flow, fungi and other annoying diseases have no chance to grow. In addition, the stems grow stronger because of the moving air. Result: more water and nutrients can be collected by the plans, the result is a better end product. 

Any type of stationary fan can be easily attached and plugged into the Ro-Tator to create a 360 degree rotating fan. Available in 110 volt or 220 volt. The Ro-Tator incorporates a strong 60 inch/lb. drive motor with hardened steel gears for extended life. 

 In addition to the cooling/exhaust fan of a PVS, a greenhouse should also be equipped with a circulating fan. A 360 Degree rotating fan will provide continuous air movement within the greenhouse which helps to maintain uniform temperatures and humidity while also increases the structural integrity of the plants (much like the wind strengthens plants in nature). Greenhouses with circulating fans are the most effective and efficient for maintaining desirable atmospheric conditions. 

Mr. Breeze 360 Ro-tator is easily clamped or bolted. 


Air circulation, or air movement, within a greenhouse serves many purposes. Proper air circulation creates uniformity in temperature, humidity, CO2, and oxygen within the environment. Plants respond better to environmental consistency and proper air circulation ensures each plant within the greenhouse receives the same atmospheric conditions. Air movement is also our way to simulate the wind in an enclosed environment. Wind strengthens the cell walls of a plant’s stem and directly influences the architectural integrity of plant growth. For many plants wind (or the simulation of) serves an even more integral purpose: pollination. Many vegetable and ornamental plants are pollinated via the wind. Air movement within a greenhouse could be the determining factor as to whether a plant is pollinated and able to complete its reproductive cycle.