Mr. Breeze 360

Ceiling Fans 

Pole Mounted Basket Fans

Ceiling Mounted Tube Axial Fans

All Mr. Breeze 360 Fans are equipped with a heavy duty drive system and torque eliminating belt. Gear motor is supplied with hardened steel gears for long life. If quieter operation is required it can be supplied with plastic gears. Not like stationary or oscillating fans, Mr. Breeze fans rotate 360 degrees. The rotating device can be easily adapted to accommodate any sort of fan. 

Mr. Breeze 360 Circular Fan

Mr. Breeze 360 Quad Fan


The Mr. Breeze Quad Fan is perfect for circulating air over work areas during both hot and cooler temperatures. Each of the 4 arms are telescopic and each fan motor can be rotated downward or upward within a 280 degree range. This fan can be supplied in both 110 volts and 220 volts 

(4) 1,500 RPM fan motors with telescopic arms ceiling mounted with 360 degree rotation #MB-QUAD-120 (110 volt) #MB-QUAD-240 (220 volt)

 Total weight is 36 Ibs. 

Mr. Breeze 360 Quad Fan

Mr. Breeze fans require mounting to steel beams or wooden structures. Mounting brackets can be easily fabricated by user or manufacturer. With the exception of our Quad Fan all of the housings on the rotation device come with a standard 2" pipe thread. Using standard fittings and pipe nipples, your fan can be easily adapted to your mounting requirement.


Circular Fan

24" Diameter 7,500 cfm fan mounted from pole using standard 2" pipe elbow and standard 2" nipple. 

The Fan comes with (1) mounted bracket that can be attached to ceiling or pole.

 The Circular Fan is perfect for a small shop, barn, work cell or large warehouse, Mr. Breeze has a fan for your application.

30" Tube Axial Fan